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Bridge the East and the West

Huidge® 灰质® is a boutique digital marketing and design agency creating powerful brands for businesses with a global professional team from Sydney, Manila and Shanghai.

GRAY MATTER INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD is an Australian-based digital marketing and design offshore outsourcing company operating in the Australia, Philippines and China. We work with global clients (new start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses), saving them 70% on Labor Costs and Time Costs with Great experiences and Good results. Our primary focus is to help English and Chinese businesses achieve market growth with the help of our professional offshore team.

Huidge® 灰质® was established in 2017 by a group of digital marketers, designers and developers, making us a unique partner. We are creatives who know the importance of not just making things pretty but also making them functional and effective.

Huidge® 灰质® helps businesses with a dedicated global remote team for all things concerning digital marketing, brand and design. Our clients can leverage their budget and free up their time to focus on their core business.

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